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In 2020, I was chosen for a residency at Bernheim Forest and Arboretum. Due to the Covid pandemic, I did the entire project at home. The Bernheim curator decided to give me the six weeks in residency as a thank you and I was free to use the time as i wished. I decided to dedicate those weeks to learning a medium which I previously avoided, watercolor. It has taken many years for me to feel comfortable with this new body of work. I have been working plein air style and creating paintings as spontaneous reflections of nature. I found a good painting partner who I meet once a week at the Chicago Botanic gardens for a few hours of outdoor painting. This is a good contrast to my woodblock print practice which is deliberate and planned.

10 Fall_©2023.jpg
9 Summer willow_©2023.jpg

2023   Summer Leaves

2023   Summer Apples

2023   Greenhouse

2023   Summer Forest

8 Summer_©2023.jpg

2023   Summer Breeze

7 Summer_©2023.jpg

2023   Summer Apples

5 Summer Apples_©2023.jpg

2023   Summer Apples

6 Summer Apples_©2023.jpg

2023   Kentucky Trees

4 Kentucky trees_©2023.jpg

2023   Summer Apples

3 Summer Apples_2023.jpg

2023   Spring Birches

1 Spring_©2023.jpg
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